Mapzen Search is a modern, geographic search service based entirely on open-source tools and powered entirely by open data. Through a process known as geocoding, Mapzen Search allows you to use natural language to find a particular place by entering an address or the name of a landmark or business, and then translates the result in to the geographic coordinates used by computers.

Mapzen Search accesses global databases of place names and locations, but you can receive more locally relevant search results by limiting the search to a particular radius around a location (such as a cell phone), region, or country. With text autocompletion capabilities, you can search for places and match against Mapzen Search data in real-time.

Mapzen Search also enables the opposite workflow, known as reverse geocoding, to transform latitude and longitude values in to a list of places. This process attempts to find the name and address of the place nearest a longitude and latitude pair. For example, you can click a position on the map to learn which business is located there.