In addition to any already assigned HTTP status codes The Mapzen Places API assigns specific meaning to certain codes and defines the following additional status codes for representing errors or a failure scenario, across all API methods:

Mapzen errors

Error code Error message
400 ApiDisabled
401 KeyDisabled
403 KeyError
404 ApiUnknown
429 Queries per minute/hour/day exceeded

Client-side errors

Error code Error message
450 Unknown error.
452 Insufficient parameters.
453 Missing parameter.
454 Invalid parameter.
478 Insufficient permissions for this API key.
481 Unauthorized host for this API key.
482 API key not configured for use with this method.
483 Invalid API key.
484 API key missing.
497 Output format is disallowed for this API method.
498 API method is disabled.
499 API method not found.

Server-side errors

Error code Error message
512 Something we tried to do didn't work. This is our fault, not yours.

Custom errors

Individual API methods may define their own status codes within the 432-449 and 513-599 range on a per-method basis. Status codes in this range may be used with different meanings by different API methods and it is left to API consumers to account for those differences.

The status codes defined above (450, 452-499, and 512) are unique and common to all API methods.