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Map Matching is ready to Flex

We're excited to release Mapzen Map Matching, the latest addition to the Mapzen Mobility services. Our Map Matching service takes in a trajectory of latitude/longitude coordinates and returns back a route line that is snapped to the OpenStreetMap road network and enriched with attributes, like speed limits and freeway exit signs.

Mapzen Flex expands your travel horizons!

Timed-distance matrix, Isochrone, Optimized route and Elevation services are coming to Mapzen Flex.

Tackling Space and Time in Who's On First

Using the Extended Date/Time Format to track historical records in Who's On First.

OSMLR traffic segments for the entire planet

OSMLR provides a stable linear-referencing system atop the ever-changing network of roadways in OpenStreetMap. We're now releasing a preview build of OSMLR segment tiles for the entire planet.

Refill Themes - Part 2

Introducing dark color themes for Refill. Explore our new colors!

Refill Themes - Part 1

Introducing themes for Refill. Explore all the color new variations on Refill.

Everything you wanted to know about Mapzen Search endpoints but were afraid to ask

Let's start at the beginning and learn all the different types of search capabilities and when and how to use them.

Optimizing Stops

Using Mapzen Optimized Routing to solve the "Traveling Salesman" problem with multiple people.