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Bike maps and you

We're working to make a better bike map, and we want to hear from you!

NYC Office Hours (and tacos)

Get answers to all your Mapzen geo- and maps-questions, and tacos.

Mapzen iOS SDK is now in Beta

Be one of the first to use Mapzen maps, search, and routing on iOS in the new Mapzen iOS SDK beta.

Spring into cycling with Mapzen's new bike map

Introducing Walkabout's new bike overlay. See the style’s improvements — new roads, brighter colors, one-way arrows, and more.

OpenAddresses celebrates 400 million addresses

Mapzen loves open-data and we're proud to help OpenAddresses expand coverage to 400+ million addresses world-wide.

Transitland: One Year of Submissions

One year ago we opened Transitland to submissions. Now the Transitland Registry includes 1,511 transit operators in 37 countries.

Mapzen Places API for Android

Introducing version 1.3.0 of the Mapzen Android SDK and the Mapzen Places API for Android

Open Traffic technical preview #1: OSMLR segments

The Open Traffic platform needs stable identifiers for sections of roadway around the world. To solve this problem, we're building the OSMLR linear referencing scheme on top of OpenStreetMap data.