Overview & Platforms

Show a map in your project! Put maps anywhere with Mapzen tools: a browser, a phone, a tablet, or a watch. Take advantage of our house cartographic styles and add a great-looking map to your project in minutes.

Maps on the web Maps on mobile

House Styles

Use gorgeous 2D and 3D styles created by our expert cartographers.

Bubble Wrap

A full-featured wayfinding style loaded with helpful icons for points of interest. See it in action in our very own Eraser Map on Android.


A minimalist map style designed for data visualization overlays. Inspired by the seminal Toner style by Stamen Design.


This outdoor style is perfect for hiking or getting out and about, with mountains, ski trails, biking paths, and transit stops.


Will autonomous cars dream as they charge overnight? We’re pushing mapping to new extremes with Tron, and it will push your GPU and fan to the limit.


A classic web map style for general mapping applications.


A dark, minimalist style that helps bright data overlays stand out. A great alternative to Refill.


We’re building the future of digital map display. Our modern rendering engine Tangram delivers good-looking, consistent cartography across platforms. Our vector tiles provide a flexible, up-to-date, international map based on OpenStreetMap. Use our data or your own, and join us as we bring open source Tangram to new platforms beyond phones and web pages.

Tangram Rendering Vector Tile Service Terrain Tile Service