Mapzen Basemap Styles Updates

All Mapzen Basemap styles now include the label levels introduced in Refill in July along with 512 pixel tile support. Also, Zinc is graduating to a Refill theme and being retired a standalone basemap style.

Label Levels 0 to 11

Label levels have been added to all Mapzen house styles! Bubble Wrap, Cinnabar, Tron and Walkabout now have label steps 0 to 11, following the same label levels of Refill. See the Levels of Detail blog post for more info.

Label levels for Bubble Wrap

Bubble Wrap Label Levels - Omotesandō Avenue in Tokyo at zoom-17


Zinc and Refill

We’ve added Zinc as a new color theme to Refill. Zinc is unique among all the themes since it’s composed mostly of grays and removes all textures. Consider it a more flat and basic version of Refill.

Zinc Theme


Importing Zinc

While Zinc has been deprecated as a standalone basemap style, it gets even more features as a Refill theme! Old versions are still published, but won’t be maintained – we recommend upgrading.

The example below imports Refill, adds Zinc as a color theme, and shows more labels.



Migrating to Label Levels

The following Mapzen basemap versions introduce Mapzen label themes.

  • Bubble Wrap: 8.0.0
  • Cinnabar: 8.0.0
  • Tron: 5.0.0
  • Walkabout: 6.0.0

Starting with the Mapzen basemap styles released today, you will be able to import the default bubble-wrap-style, cinnabar-style, tron-style, or walkabout-style basemap and then add or remove labels by importing a label theme. See below:


Mapping Label Variants to Label Levels

The all-labels and no-labels variants will still work in previous basemap versions, but going forward you’ll need to upgrade and import the theme, specifying label-0 or label-10 to get equivalent label density. See the documentation for more information on migration.