Made With Mapzen

We’re happy to see lots of different groups using tools and data from Mapzen – here are a few examples from the past month.


Reuters used Tangram to show 3,000 spots in the United States where lead poisoning is worse than Flint, Michigan.

reuters lead map

The Boston Globe

It’s been quite a winter and The Boston Globe is using Mapzen tiles and Tangram to show how much snow has fallen in the Northeast.

boston globe snow map

Los Angeles Times

The LA Times is using Tangram to quickly generate maps for breaking news stories.

The Washington Post

Philip Bump of The Fix used Mapzen Search to help find the closest place that voted the opposite of where you lived.

washington post

Getting Maps into AfterEffects

GeoLayers lets you browse and animate maps in AfterEffects using Mapzen vector data, including roads, buildings, terrain and even routing.


Maproom, an Autodesk plug-in, has a new terrain system that uses Mapzen tiles. This means terrain and bathymetry data any any scale!

Let us know how you are using Mapzen!