Search Engineer, Node.js

New York

About Mapzen

At Mapzen we take a different approach to the core components of mapping: open source, open data, open access. We make modular tools for building better maps because we believe that healthy mapping ecosystems are ones that are diverse, sustainable, and accessible to all.

About the role

As a backend search engineer at Mapzen you will contribute to the geocoder project, which helps make geographic data easily searchable.

You will work with large-scale spatial datasets, such as OpenStreetMap and OpenAddresses, and build public-facing APIs.

Your mission will be to get the most value out of the increasing amount of open data available to us. To accomplish this, you’ll work very closely with Elasticsearch to retrieve data efficiently, while yielding the most relevant results.

You will also investigate NLP techniques that could be leveraged to enhance user experience.

Most importantly, you would be a core member of a budding open-source community we are cultivating around our geocoding software, Pelias. You will be an ambassador of open-source geocoding and open-data with many opportunities to write and speak publicly about your ground-breaking work, if you wish to do so, of course.


We are looking for a passionate mid- to senior-level search engineer, ideally with prior experience building geocoders or other types of geospatial search engines. Someone who embraces software testing! It is imperative that they are able to work effectively in a distributed team. We would love to see prior contributions to open-source projects. We feel that excellent communication skills are key to the success of our open-source project, so it’s critical that team members can express themselves in a way that is courteous, clear, and collaborative.

  • experience with building geocoders or geospatial search solutions
  • strong familiarity with data structures and search techniques
  • prior commercial experience with Elasticsearch/Solr/Lucene is highly desirable
  • experience with unit, integration, and acceptance testing
  • real passion for open-source technologies, open-data, and collaborative software development
  • strong written communication skills

Working at Mapzen

We are a team of passionate individuals who care deeply about technology and the power of Open. We come from many different fields and industries; each new team member adding to our company culture, rather than assimilating into it. Team members are given the flexibility to experiment and excel. We value things like work-life balance, respectful communication, and inclusiveness, and find ways to reflect these values in our work.


Based out of the Samsung Accelerator, Mapzen combines the benefits a nimble start-up and an established corporation. Our compensation, health plans, vacations, leave policies, and retirement benefits are all competitive.


We are committed to building an awesome, diverse team, and strongly encourage applicants of all races, colors, political party associations, religions (or lack thereof), national origins, sexual orientations, gender identities, sexes, ages, abilities, levels of education, and branches of military service.

How to apply

Send your résumé or any relevant links and a little bit about yourself to Please include “Search Engineer, Node.js” in the subject line.