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Optimizing Stops

Using Mapzen Optimized Routing to solve the "Traveling Salesman" problem with multiple people.

May Day Mapping

Mappers of the world, unite! You have nothing to lose but your too-complicated pricing tiers. All apps are equal! All users are equal!

Introducing Mapzen Flex

We’re excited to introduce Mapzen Flex, with simple, transparent pricing

All roads lead to Washington, D.C.

Early every January, transportation professionals and enthusiasts gather in Washington, D.C. to talk shop. We'll be there to share Transitland, Mapzen Turn-by-Turn, and our collaboration with the World Bank on open traffic data.

Fixing Routing with Map Roulette

Fixing unreachable routes by unswitching ways using Maproulette.

वॅल्हॅला निर्देशन अब हिंदी में उपलब्ध!

We added हिंदी (Hindi) to our Valhalla routing engine and we can tell you how you can add your own language too!

Introducing Mapzen Mobility Explorer

Mobility Explorer provides an approachable way to query for and immediately visualize Transitland data and Mapzen Mobility APIs. It's built for developers of maps and apps, public policy advocates and planning experts, transit nerds, and anyone who is curious about exploring transit data.