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NACIS 2016 roundup

Sliding into NACIS 2016 presentations like

Let's get cartographical at NACIS 2016!

We're excited to talk about maps at NACIS, say hi!

Venues, Postal Codes... and All Those GitHub Repositories

Multiply "a lot of venues, even in the smallest of communities" by the "entire planet" and you've got... well, a lot of venues.

Who's On First Life Cycle Documentation

Documenting the life cycle and tracking rules of the Who's On First ID

Boundary Issues: Editing Properties in Who's On First Records

Introducing our bespoke web-based editor for Who's On First records—helping GeoJSON help you.

All of the Places

A tiny website for sharing links to places.

Mapping with Bias

I like that idea that there might be an instrument to measure the motion – the velocity – of people’s understanding of place

Concordances with Wikipedia data

Collecting and analyzing Wikipedia data to extract useful information.