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Simple is hard

Making something less complicated is complicated.

The Who's On First API Explorer

I like to think the WOF API Explorer is another illustration of the idea that "Mapzen should always be Consumer Zero (of Mapzen services)".

Updating Who's On First Neighbourhoods - Part II

We've been busy updating neighbourhood records in Who's On First - check them out!

The world is weird and wonderful!

The multifaceted maps we make simply reflect the weird and wonderful territory they represent. CSV and GeoJSON make it easier.

The Who's On First API

Anything you can do by clicking around the Spelunker should be able to be automated using code.

Bundling up descendants into GeoJSON

We made a handy tool that lets you download the descendants of a place as GeoJSON.

Improving county coverage in Who's On First

We've doubled the number of counties in Who's On First by adding data sources and introducing mesoshapes to fill the gaps

NACIS 2016 roundup

Sliding into NACIS 2016 presentations like