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Improving county coverage in Who's On First

We've doubled the number of counties in Who's On First by adding data sources and introducing mesoshapes to fill the gaps

Do Less, Get More!

With structured geocoding, you can do less and get more accurate results.

Unearthing CircleCI artifacts

Horsin' around with CircleCI to build a website preview tool.

Put A Label On It

Make Your Own [Labels]. When in doubt, put a label on it.

Fixing Routing with Map Roulette

Fixing unreachable routes by unswitching ways using Maproulette.

Terrain Generalization

Generalization blending is a way to solve two problems at once – terrain data contains small details which aren't necessary for understanding the shape and location of important features, but basic simplification methods such as blurring are applied everywhere indiscriminately.

वॅल्हॅला निर्देशन अब हिंदी में उपलब्ध!

We added हिंदी (Hindi) to our Valhalla routing engine and we can tell you how you can add your own language too!