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Mapping the ages of buildings in Seoul

Mapping the age of buildings in Seoul with Tangram, TileStache, QGIS and turf.js.

Simple is hard

Making something less complicated is complicated.

Updating Who's On First Neighbourhoods - Part II

We've been busy updating neighbourhood records in Who's On First - check them out!

The world is weird and wonderful!

The multifaceted maps we make simply reflect the weird and wonderful territory they represent. CSV and GeoJSON make it easier.

OpenAddresses celebrates 400 million addresses

Mapzen loves open-data and we're proud to help OpenAddresses expand coverage to 400+ million addresses world-wide.

Street address interpolation

Filling in the gaps in open address data.

Bundling up descendants into GeoJSON

We made a handy tool that lets you download the descendants of a place as GeoJSON.

Made With Mapzen

Some interesting things made by people using tools and data from Mapzen.