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Transitland: One Year of Submissions

One year ago we opened Transitland to submissions. Now the Transitland Registry includes 1,511 transit operators in 37 countries.

Open Traffic technical preview #1: OSMLR segments

The Open Traffic platform needs stable identifiers for sections of roadway around the world. To solve this problem, we're building the OSMLR linear referencing scheme on top of OpenStreetMap data.

Quality Issues

Transit data is tricky business, and we have issues (to make the data better).

Transit Inclusion & Exclusion

How to use filters to include or exclude transit operators, routes, and stops.

Made With Mapzen

Some interesting things made by people using tools and data from Mapzen.

All roads lead to Washington, D.C.

Early every January, transportation professionals and enthusiasts gather in Washington, D.C. to talk shop. We'll be there to share Transitland, Mapzen Turn-by-Turn, and our collaboration with the World Bank on open traffic data.

Open traffic data is the best traffic data

Anonymized, opened, and shared, traffic data will become a valuable public good.

World Bank + Mapzen + partners = open traffic data

Mapzen is joining Open Traffic, a global initiative led by the World Bank to measure urban traffic congestion, and building the next generation of the open-source platform.